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Digital Persona | London Ontario

Digital Persona - (Noun): The Personality or Personalities that Represent you and/or your Company Online.


 One of the most important key aspects of launching and promoting any business is the defining of your Brand.

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 You already know who you are. We walk you through all the details of Colour, Style, Font Choices, Logo, etc. that all go into building the attitude or personality of your brand.

 Once a unique, well defined brand is in place it’s time for a Brand Awareness Strategy. Integration of your brand with a Website, Business Cards, Stationary, Packaging, Promotional Materials and Advertising. These are just a few of the things to consider when deciding how you are going to introduce your brand to your target market.

 Partnering with Digital Persona we will only provide assistance in the areas that you feel are beyond your capabilities allowing you a professional level appearance while avoiding added expenses on things that you can handle on your own.


Web Design

 Professional Development of your Online Presence has never been more imperative than now.
The field of Web Design is currently undergoing tremendous change to accommodate multiple variations in device size.

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 Todays websites must adapt or replace content dependant on Device, Screen size and Orientation. In short One site that appears to have been designed for the Smallest Cell Phone while at the same time appears to have been designed for the largest HD Monitors and Smart T.V.’s.

 On top of the viewing screen adaptability todays websites must also describe themselves to Search Engines and other screen reading devices so they can be accurately cataloged in Search Results and accessed by those who are visually impaired.

 At Digital Persona all of our websites are built to the latest standards. They are all Responsive and Mobile Ready, Search Engine Optimized and Screen Reader Compatible.

 Proof that doing it right need not break the bank.



 The ability to deliver your Advertising to Consumer’s at the moment that they are searching for product’s or service’s that you provide.

That is the power of Search Engine Marketing.

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  For the first time in the history of advertising shoppers are telling us what they are shopping for right now.

Every day, people in your community are online researching purchases on products or services that you provide.

Through the power of Search Engine Advertising we are able to deliver Ad’s for your products directly to Active Shoppers.


Here at Digital Persona we strive to put Professional Branding, Web Design and Online Marketing within reach of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

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